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The Guilford Rotarian - Current Feb 13, 2019
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Guy Tommasi, Jr.


Directors at Large


Gary Drake

        Anthony Leonardi (18-20)


Stephanie Jacobs

        Suzanne Locke  (18-20)

Attendance Secretary

Evelyn Atreya

        Patricia Todd (18-20)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

        Thomas Terribile (17-19)


Elmar Kessler

        J ohn H. Trowbridge (17-19)

Assistant Treasurer

Frank Walsh

        Harrison West (17-19)

IP President

Robert Hartmann, Jr.

  Co-Sergeants at Arms

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

        John H. Trowbridge 

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

        John Murphy


This Issue's Editor

Carrie Healy


Call to Meeting 
President Guy Tommasi led the pledge and reminded to always be mentors for new members and remember the four way test. 


Visiting Rotarians:  none today


Guests:  Ian Evans


Induction of New Members: Bruce Linkov, David Clark, and Laura Harmon


Anniversaries:   Scott Staschke (2013), Larry Appleton & John Murphy (1993), and Wayne Staschke (1989)


Birthdays:   Harrison West (Feb 15th) and Mike Rambus (88th Birthday!)


Rotarian of the Month: George Kral for all his work arranging speakers


Outreach:  all is well


President's Announcements   


  • District Marketing and Communications Campaign - 4 more sessions
  • Blood Drive Sponsorship - March 13th from 12:45-6pm. Sign ups will go around for 1 hr time slots. Lauren Ashe from American Red Cross on February 27th
  • Feed our Neighbors will be March 23rd at First Congregational Church in Madison from 9-12. Will be packing 46K meals. There will be a delivery on Friday morning for anyone able to helo unload truck and help set up. Also anyone who has extension cords that can be used please let Bill Stableford know
  • Membership Socials - Feb 19th at Guilford Mooring at 5pm

Member Anouncements:

  • Speaker next week will be Mitch Goldblatt the Community Resource Director for Guilford
  • Lobsterfest is June 22nd. The facility which we normally get lobsters from in New London has closed due to new tariffs. We will most likely have a price increase on the lobsters and there is no guarantee that we can get the number we need
  • New members who do not have a name badge - contact Gary Drake with: Full Name, Nickname if you want that listed, Category/Classification of employment
  • Donald contacted with information on Las Vegas: everyone wearing Golden Knights memoribilia, no turn signals, everyone has a handicap sticker, and the TV antenna in the attic is as good as cable
  • Executive Secretary position for upcoming year has changed for responsibilities. No more money duties as Assistant Treasurer will handle that. The position will just need to do check in at the meeting and no need to track make up attendances. Looking to possibly do this as a rotating position/schedule like the bulletin is done

King of Clubs:   $326 in the pot, no winner!


Happy Dollars:  

  • Mike Sinclair - a nice time in Costa Rica
  • Guy - welcome new members
  • Paul Herron - welcome new members. Back from a wonderful time in St Lucia
  • Al - was down in FL with Bruce Chips. Welcome to new members especially David Clark it is nice to have a parent/child in the group as Al had his father and now has Stephanie
  • Riefe - welcome new members. Duke beat Lousiville
  • Pat Todd- welcome new members. Son who died last summer was an artist and filmmaker. All his fils are at the academy of motion pictures preserved now. 
  • Mike Rambus - check for the foundation
  • Evelyn - new members to join the front table position! 
  • Staxx - new members
  • Pat Todd - welcome to Ian Evans

Speaker:  Kyle Clark showed some of his film work. Contact Kyle if you are interested in any projects

  • Rotary minute to help District 7980 with visibility
  • Wedding video
  • Music Video
  • Memoir/Documentary videos


Check the club website and click on "Upcoming Programs" on the right column to see planned speakers.