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The Guilford Rotarian - Current Jun 13, 2018
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Robert Hartmann, Jr.


Directors at Large


Guy Tommasi

        Michael Ganci (16-18)


Stephanie Jacobs

        Suzanne Locke (16-18)

Attendance Secretary

Evelyn Atreya

        Sandra Ruoff (16-18)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

        Thomas Terribile (17-19)


Elmar Kessler

        J ohn H. Trowbridge (17-19)

Assistant Treasurer

Frank Walsh

        Harrison West (17-19)

IP President

Louis Federici

  Co-Sergeants at Arms

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

        John H. Trowbridge 

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

        John Murphy


This Issue's Editor

Carrie Healy


Call to Meeting 
President Bob Hartmann led the pledge. 

"I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is."" Kurt Vonnegut


Note: No Meeting next Wednesday 6/20! Maritime unable to have us for breakfast or lunch


Visiting Rotarians:  none today


Guests:  Kyle Clark, Mark Muszynski, Indira Grief & Aly Fannon


Anniversaries:   Donald Baechler 2001, David Hadley 1985


Birthdays:   none


Outreach:  all is well


President's Announcements   

  • Board meeting last Thursday night.
    • IRIS $500 for run
    • $3,000 for Guilford Park & Rec Disc Golf if it gets approved
    • $5,000 for Memorial Ed Fund
  • Rotarian of the Month - Paul Lavigne


Member Anouncements

  • Lobsterfest - See bottom for all Save the Dates!
    • Serving Tent - Stephanie, Meghan and Winnie have done great things getting ready and have a good level of involvement. First will be packing the bags at Bishops on 6/18 from 5-7
    • Saturday Morning 6/23 - Bishops at 9 am to do corn, potatoes, coleslaw, lobsters, and pies
    • Tickets: sell what you have or contact Guy if you need more tickets or have extras, especially since we don't have a meeting next Wednesday. He needs an idea of how many sold so we prepare right amount of food
    • Silent Auction - get any donations to Helen, wine and anything else. Still need more donations!
    • Tom Petrick - Thank you for cash donation!

King of Clubs:   $385 in the pot, 32 cards, no winner


Happy Dollars:  

  • Bruce - glad to be back from Flordia but thought he timed it right so that Bob wasn't President anymore
  • Joel - Glad Bruce is back, he is to blame for sponsoring Joel
  • Meghan - Birthday Foundation Check
  • Larry - Attended 30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary at Water's Edge. Club received a Presidential Award for work with young people, which should go to Al
  • Larry - Parking help needed for Lobsterfest
  • Bill - 1st female in Guilford Rotary was Anita Waters when Bill was President
  • Mike - At Womens Event he explained how as District Governor in Michigan he followed a woman Governor and he wouldn't have been able to do everything without her 
  • Donald Baechler - Had to leave early but glad to have two Interact students who are his favorite at GHS
  • Rick - Thank you for the Disc Golf donation. 85% of funds are raised
  • Riefe - Glad to be at brain trust table. Sea bass fishing is great right now
  • Barry - apologize to speakers. Updates: unfortunately Margaret Hoffman hit by a car while riding a bike the othre day, healing at home. Uganda wells project only needs one more authorization before Rotary for big review, having some delays
  • Winnie - 3 grandsons have June birthdays, check for Rotary Foundation for her birthday as well
  • Tom Petrick - son went to Belmont and lost all the races
  • Lou - Glad to golf with Hamden Chamber of Commerce
  • Gary Higgins - went to CA for granddaughters graduation - 450 graduates
  • Mike Ganci - last board meeting was hosted by Bob and Laura Hartman, thank you for letting serve on board
  • Donald - greeter for parking at Lobsterfest
  • Mark - thanks for having me

100% attendance for the year: Sam, Larry, Evelyn, Nancy, Lou, Donald, Paul, Stephanie, Mike Rambus, Bill Stableford, Tom Terrible, Guy, John Trowbridge (and others I may have missed!)


Speaker:  Indira and Aly from World Affairs Seminar 2017


Aly and Indira are both graduating next week. Aly is off to UCONN next year to study nutrition and Indira is going to Pitzer College (CA) for solcial justice. Rotary sponosored these students to go to the World Affairs Seminar in June 2017. It was a 1 week seminar at Carrol University in WI with a focus on Education and Social Justice. 


Each day was broken down into parts, starting with yoga, breakfast, and then breakout sessions which the students could choose from multiple sessions. Some examples of sessions were Urban Agriculture and Partners to the Americas (how each state is connected to a Latin America Country). After the Breakout sessions there was lunch and then guest speakers for the entire group. Two large speakers were Daniella Zalemen who is a journalist & newspaper photographer with a focus on social justice. She did a piece on Canadian Native American Residential Schools where she interviewed former students. Kids were forced to go there and then abused for things such as speaking their own language. 


Another speaker was the then President Elect of Rotary International, Ian Risley. He discussed the six areas of focus for Rotary.


Following the guest speakers, students then went to their small group discussions which they were placed in. The groups were diverse to include students from other countries and states. Their assignment for the week was to make a capstone project. Here is a link to the video for Aly's group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOo4-cQQjJE?


Check the club website and click on "Upcoming Programs" on the right column to see planned speakers.



  • Monday June 18th    
    •  Bishops Red Barn     5:00-7:00pm            Packing
      • Bibs, utensils, condiments, napkins, wipes
      • All Rotarians and guests. Beer and pizza for the crew!
  • Friday June 22th,
    • 8:00AM  "Tony Buys Breakfast" @ Sunny Side Up (optional)
    •  Fairgrounds               9:00am            Setup
      • Setup cooking tanks, parking area, extra tents
      • Setup tables & chairs in large tents. Bandstand and Power
  • Saturday June 23th   
    • Fairgrounds               9:00am            Setup
      • Tablecloths on tables, open chairs
      • Setup Beer, Wine, Soda, Steak and displays
      • Last chance to double check equipment, supplies, crew, and to learn your assignment if unsure.
    • Bishops                       9:00am            Food Prep
      • Wrap potatoes, pack coleslaw, cut &wrap pie, prep corn, bag lobsters
    • Your House               12:00-2:00            Quiet Time
      • Get off your feet and relax for a moment. Nothing scheduled in this time block.
    • Fairgrounds               3:30 pm – 8:30pm LobsterFest
      •  All hands on deck to assigned stations.
      • Serving closes at 7:00, all other activities carry on 'till 8:30pm.
      • See Sandy for what to do after that.
  • Sunday June 24th      Everyone's help makes light work! Your choice…
    • Fairgrounds               9:00am              Cleanup
      • Empty tanks, clean tent areas, clear tables
      • All chairs and tables should be folded up and stacked for pickup by rental co.
    • or
    • Bishop's                      9:00am            Cleanup
      • Wash and put things away, etc…