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The Guilford Rotarian - Current Jan 15, 2020
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Gary Drake


Directors at Large


Gary Drake

        Anthony Leonardi (18-20)


Stephanie Jacobs

        Suzanne Locke  (18-20)

Attendance Secretary

Evelyn Atreya

        Patricia Todd (18-20)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

        Larry Appleton  (19-21)


Elmar Kessler

        Paul Heeren (19-21)

Assistant Treasurer

Frank Walsh

        Heidi Saamuelson (19-21)

IP President

Guy Tommasi, Jr.

  Co-Sergeants at Arms

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

         Allen B. Jacobs

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

        Thomas Terribile


This Issue’s Editor: Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting: Gary Drake called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge.  


Visiting Rotarians: None this week


Guests: Chris Loban and Barry Nann, Graduate student in Political Science, Southern Ct University – guest speaker.


Anniversaries: None this week 


Birthdays: Pat Pascal and Barry Farbrother


Fellowship: No report this week.


Rotarian of the Month: (postponed to next week)

Foundation Minute: Bill Stableford told a story of a person who is a recipient of funds from our club from an organization we fund: Columbus House. This person lived in a rat infested place in New Haven but was helped to move to clean apartment and get his life back on tract with the assistance of Columbus House.  

President’s Announcements:

  • Gary stated that the Board had a busy week in agreeing to make donations to the following organizations: IRIS - $2500 for the road race and $500 for their summer program; $1,000 for SCORE; $2500 for Interfaith Ministries; $500 to Greenway trails and $1000 to BH Care, for gold sponsorship, bowling event and for domestic violence prevention activities. Gary would like to put together a bowling team for their upcoming event so please let him know if you would like to join in and have some fun.



Member Announcements

  • Wayne announced that the Memorial Education Fund Committee will hold their first meeting to begin preparations to announce the availability of scholarships for the fall academic year.  The meeting of the committee will be at Wayne’s office, January 24th at 9:30 am.


  • Stax mentioned that we are going to work with an organization to minimize waste pollution resulting from the large amount of trash created at the LosterFest this year.


  • Krista Ifkovic announced the 15th annual blood drive in memory of Nicole Flagge will take place at the former KofC Hall (E. Creek Landing), this Friday, 12:45 to 6 pm. For an appointment to donate blood please call 1-800-733-2767 or go on-line @ REDCROSSBLOOD.ORG.


  • Tony #1 announce the election of officers for next year as follows: new members of the Board of Directors:  Stascke, Fatula, Steph Jacobs
    Pres: Gary
    Pres Elect: open
    Secretary of the Bd: Pat Todd
    Treas: Elmar
    Asst Treas: Pat Pascale
    Sgt Arm’s: Al Jacobs, Tom Terribile
    Foundation Chair: Stableford  


King of Clubs: 52 cards left in the deck.  Pot is $48.  Sorry, no winner today.  


Happy $


  • Wayne: $5 Happy $ celebrating 44 years of happy marriage.
  •  Sandy: Affordable housing project is coming along nicely.
  • Winnie: Also happy about the affordable housing project based on a meeting at the “Wh
  • Riefe: Happy new grandfather to Oliver and nice 3 week trip to CO to visit daughter and Oliver.
  • Kyle: Excited he just drove Elmar’s Lincoln!
  • Rick: Happy Birthday to his wife and thanks to everyone who helped out with the race this year and visiting family over the holidays.
  • Bob Hartmann, Jr: Nice visit to Clearwater, FL
  • Al: Adding $2 to help Riefe out in retirement.    


Guest Speaker: Barry Nann, Grad Student in Political Science, S. Ct St. University: “What It Means to Live in a Democracy”.

Barry spoke to us about research he is engaged in here in Guilford on the topic of what citizens of democracies expect from themselves and their neighbors – with a focus on Guilford.  Barry did not provide detailed answers to questions he is asking citizens of our town based on 38 interviews he has conducted at the Community Center but give us some general observations.  Barry stated he was impressed about how Guilford residents are so involved in various community organizations in giving back to their town.  Mr. Nann stated he would like to interview a total of 50 to 60 people.  Barry stated his results will be forwarded to the New England Political Science Association in Mystic, Ct in April of this year.

If you are interested in being interviewed for a few minutes, please contact Barry at the following email address: barrynann@comcast.net.