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The Guilford Rotarian - Current Sep 5, 2019
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Wednesday, September 4, 2019



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Gary Drake


Directors at Large


Gary Drake

        Anthony Leonardi (18-20)


Stephanie Jacobs

        Suzanne Locke  (18-20)

Attendance Secretary

Evelyn Atreya

        Patricia Todd (18-20)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

        Larry Appleton  (19-21)


Elmar Kessler

        Paul Heeren (19-21)

Assistant Treasurer

Frank Walsh

        Heidi Saamuelson (19-21)

IP President

Guy Tommasi, Jr.

  Co-Sergeants at Arms

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

         Allen B. Jacobs

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

        Thomas Terribile


This Issue’s Editor

Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting

Gary called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge


Visiting Rotarians: Michael Perry and Marie Naisby


Guests: Liz Rambus, Marian Cogswell, Chris Loban and Jan Morris


Anniversaries:  Mike Ganci (2006)


Birthdays: Lou and Bob Hartmann, Jr.     


Fellowship:  Mike Ganci is still improving.


Foundation Minute: No report this week     


President’s Announcements:

  • Board meeting Thrs night at 5:30 at the Community Center.  All invited to attend

Member Announcements

  • Nancy announced that we have 92 units marching in the parade.  Nancy asked and received some more volunteers to hold banners and pass out flags. Nancy also mentioned that a blood drive was coming on Oct 11th.
  • Patrick announced there will be a golf tournament at the Guilford Lake course club; $50.  Sept 14th at 9 am.
  • Mike Perry mentioned that the Madison Rotary Club is having a comedy night on Oct 3rd and he wants us to be a part of that. 3 comedians; raffle prizes; Madison Art Cinema; $50; free beer and wine included; limited number of tickets.
  • Stax announced that the Chester Rotary Club is having their LobsterFest this Saturday, 4 pm; tickets at the door. A lot of people get 2 lobsters and 2 steaks!


King of Clubs: 43 cards left in the deck.  Pot is $145.  Sorry, no winner today.  


Happy $

  • Gary: $5. Happy Labor Day in Canada with family.
  • Mike Sinclair: Had a great week at Cape Cod and saw a lot of whales.
  • Sandy: Foundation gift and thanks to Kevin and friends for their singing for 3 hours at Lenny and Joe’s.
  • Al: Another great weekend in Vt and will be going up to ME next week for the International seaplane fly-in.
  • Dawn: Thanks to Gary and Guy for their support the St George’s Golf tournament which supports the Woman’s and Family Life Center, and wishes Megan all the best as she is expecting to deliver in 3 weeks!
  • Wayne: Happy to have 2 weeks in Newport with the grandkids.
  • Riefe: Happy the blue fish are back in the Sound and ducks in the field.
  • Bill Pinchbeck: Thx to Al and all he does for the Interact Club.
  • Paul: Nice couple of couple of days in Ogunquit, ME. Water is still cold.
  • Evelyn: Loves Bishop’s peaches.
  • Pat: Happy to be going on a nice trip to Europe visiting and staying in castles; nice to have Jan here.  Also, reminded us that Robert Todd Film night is coming on Sept 26th; at the Madison Art Cinema.
  • Lou: Thx for the birthday song. Check to the Foundation.
  • Patrick: Thx. His birthday is in Jan.
  • Rick: Announced the new disk golf course is opening on Sept 14th , and thx to the Club for the $3,000 gift of financial support.
  • Joan: Glad storm missed her daughter’s place in FL.  
  • Laura: Announced that the Tuxedo Junction Band will be playing (without Pat) in Chester Meeting house over the next 3 weeks.  


Guest Speakers: Dr. Bill Stableford, - Notes Taken by Barry Farbrother.   

Dr. Stableford invited us to consider the information he had researched on climate change, and he challenged us to consider if there was any action that our club could or should take.  He noted that Rotary International had already established the Environment Sustainability Rotary Action Group ( www.ESRAG.org  ) and that many actions are already being undertaken nationally and internationally by Rotarians around the world.

Bill's research covered numerous articles in monographs and the popular press, learned journals and a recent issue of "Rotarian" magazine.   He shared several quotes from The national Geographic Magazine, UN Climate Change Study 2018, New York Times (NYT) Aug 2018, Washington Post September 1, 2019, Wall Street Journal August 24, 2019, NYT August 30, 2019, etc.

In particular, a book by David Wallace Wells entitled "The uninhabitable earth - life after warming", which is packed with research and predictions, grabbed his attention.  He shared this most notable quote by the author, "It is worse, much worse than you think!  The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, perhaps as pernicious as the one that says it isn't happening at all.  It comes to us bundled with several others in an anthology of comforting delusions, that global warming is an Arctic saga unfolding remotely, that it is strictly a matter of sea level and coastlines, not an enveloping crisis sparing no place and leaving no life un-deformed". 


He also quoted Immediate Past Rotary International President Barry Razmussen, a Bahamian national who, more than a year ago had commented that a rise in sea level of a mere 5', would cause 80% of his homeland to become submerged.  President Razmussen commented that Rotarians need to view climate change in the context of the six areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation:  Promoting peace, Fighting Disease, Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene,  Saving mothers and children, Supporting education, and Growing local economies. Fighting climate change has impacts in each of these areas.

Following his comments Bill sought comments and encouraged discussion.  A lively discussion followed and President Gary adjourned the meeting at 1:32 p.m.


Check the club website and click on "Upcoming Programs" on the right column to see planned speakers.