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The Guilford Rotarian - Current Aug 11, 2022
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Wednesday August 10, 2022



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Dawn Jackson


Directors at Large


Dawn Jackson

        William Fatula (22-23)


Jack Phelan

        Wayne Staschke 21-22

Attendance Secretary


        Patricia Todd 21-22

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

        Larry Appleton  (22-23)


Elmar Kessler

        Paul Heeren (19-22

Assistant Treasurer

Patrick Pascale

        Heidi Saamuelson (19-212)

P President

Thomas Terribile

  Co-Sergeants at Arms

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

         Allen B. Jacobs

Grants Steward

 Michael Ganci



Rotary Bulletin: August 10, 2022 – First meeting held at Quattro’s Restaurant, Guilford, CT 


This Issue’s Editor: Jack Phelan


Door Greeter:  Joel Galvin 


Call to Meeting:  Stax led in the Pledge of Allegiance


Visiting Rotarians: None


Guests: James Burretti  


President’s Announcements:  

  • Speaker for next week’s meeting at Quattro’s  will be David Weingerg, GCTV Board President and Shannon Gale, senior staff person for GCTV. They will explain how to put on programs if you would like to and maybe talk about filming our LobsterFest next year.
  • On the week of Aug 24th meeting we will honor our Paul Harris award recipient. Mike is working on that. Stay tuned.   
  • On August 31, Al Jacobs will introduce the Guilford High School Interact students will review their past year activities and review what they plan to accomplish this coming school year.  
  • Here are the menu choices you will have at Quattro’s in August for $20.00 for lunch at 12 noon.  There will be a $6 charge if you don’t want lunch to cover the cost of coffee, soda or water.  Two menu choices per week.  

         August 17th:  Fettuccine Carbanara - Sauteèd with onions, pancetta and peas, finished in a light cream sauce; or Chicken Parmesan- Lightly breaded topped with marinara and fresh mozzarella, served over penne.


         August 24th:  Stuffed Eggplant- Rolled eggplant stuffed with cheese and spinach, finished in a pomodoro sauce over penne, or House Salad with grilled chicken


          August 31st:  Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (Sam’s Special) or Chef Choice Surprise Pasta.

  • In September, around the 28th, we are going to have a new membership event around 5:30 to 7 pm at the Guilford Mooring restaurant, where we can introduce new members and corporate members. We will try to get 4 new members.  Details to follow.
  • Also in September Wayne and Riefe will be making a presentation on how we can attract corporate sponsorships.
  • Grant applications:  We should have an application that organizations complete that will include their 501c3 certificate.  Dawn has reviewed what other organizations use and try to come design something we can have on our website.
  • Save the date Sept 17th. Fall fair parade.  We will be participating by being marshals.  We help guide parade vehicles to where they are suppose to line up.  Tony Fappiano will have control of the TV camera.  We can also have a group of club members marching.  We could have a sign displaying the names of the charities we have supported over the years. 


Foundation Minute: Scott Staschke: 


                                                                               PEACE THROUGH ACCEPTANCE


Our public airwaves have been brimming with conflict, with competing points of view shared in passionate well-reasoned arguments. We ponder how to reach consensus about our latest political challenge. We consider how we got here, how to deal with our emotions, and how to reach our own personal conclusions about where we personally stand on the issues being debated. As Rotarians we attempt to rise above such discourse, to take the high road and not to engage. But it affects us and our families nonetheless. Reinhold Neibuhr’s words have guided many through times of discord and difficulty: “God, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.”


Acceptance of the decisions of others with which we may not agree, of circumstances we would rather not face, and of choices we would rather not make is often the only way to move forward and avoid conflict. Rotarians need to have the courage and wisdom to accept the unchangeable and pivot to take action to change what needs to be changed to improve the lives of those less fortunate so that they can live in peace.


Birthdays: We celebrated John Sengstacken’s birthday of last week but he didn’t seem to appreciate it.  He said our rendition of Happy Birthday was “awful”.                        


Anniversaries:  None this week.


King of Clubs: Billy was absent so we did not play this week.     


Happy $’s

  • Gary: $20 happy dollars.  Enjoyed his son’s wedding in Seattle and visiting cousin in Canada.
  • Stax: Enjoyed taking care of Gary’s dog while he was gone; and check for the Foundation.
  • Mike: Thx to Dawn for our new meeting place.
  • Dave: Celebrating his 55th wedding anniversary this coming Friday.
  • Joel: Thx to Dawn for moving us to this place and thx to the members for behaving themselves for a change.
  • Heidi: Thank you for the new venue and wishes Elmar a speedy recovery.
  • Riefe: Happy to be at the new venue as well and happy to see Tommy and Paul walking down the street the other day.
  • Patrick: Congrats to Pat for her wonderful travel log.
  • James Burretti: Thx for the new venue and wants everyone to go to St. George’s Church fair.
  • Larry: He denies everything.  He was not walking down the street.
  • Bill Pinchbeck: Thx Dawn for inviting me here today.
  • Steph: 1$ for the great lunch and another $ because it was under 85 degrees when she woke up this morning!
  • Tommy: Had fun this past week at Scarborough Beach watching a rock being washed over by waves. Al’s comment: “Tom, get a life.”
  • Tony: Folks, if you have a chance send Donald an email via his wife, Liz at lizbaechler@gmail.com or send him a card thanking him for all his contributions to the Guilford Rotary Club and the students at Guilford High School.  Address: Donald Baechler, Summerlin Senior Living Center, Las Vegas, NV 89144. 
  • Al: Remembered visiting the Rotary club in Cirencester, England many years ago all dressed up in summer shorts and a golf shirt.  He persuaded the finely dressed club members to let him in – for a short visit after which they sang “God Save the Queen”
  • Pat: Moved a motion that the Club not permit Paul Herren to ever retire from his profession (as long as he stays in Guilford.)


 Speaker:  Pat Todd presented:  Rotary Around the Globe: A Visitor’s Guide.  A brief presentation on how various Rotary Clubs conduct their meetings.


“I have visited 8 Rotary Clubs around the world – with my Guilford Rotary pennant to exchange:




I have visited my good friends, Ted and Robyn Waters, in Australia many times. They are active Rotarians in Manley, a very beautiful suburb of Sydney at the entrance to the Harbor.  


While there I attended two different breakfast clubs, both very friendly.  The one was started by the women of the other club, and curiously enough, there were male members too.  Their successful fund raiser is the Manley Run, which has hundreds of entrants and raises at least $100,000.   A sit-down breakfast is served after the run.


Another fund raiser is brassieres for the women of New Guinea who suffer a terrible rash underneath their breasts.  I also joined them at a District Meeting about 4 hours north along the coast.  It was a highly spirited event, a good Rotary experience.


Christ Church, New Zealand.  


On another Australian visit, Ted and Robyn and I drove from the southern tip of the South Island to Auckland at the top of the North Island.  Along the way Ted noticed a huge Rotary sign advertising a Tag Sale every Sunday.  We had to stop and check it out. Christ Church is a very beautiful city with black stone buildings and white mortar.  Even MacDonalds is beautiful.  


We stopped in Christ Church to learn more.  The Rotary meeting was for lunch the next day in the ballroom of a hotel not far from the center of the city.  The room was full of chairs with an aisle down the middle.  Lunch was as buffet, but it was impossible to eat holding a plate and a drink.  Most of the many members were in their 80s. They gave the Paul Harris award to a deserving woman, and then a screen came down on the front wall covered with lyrics.  They started singing one song after another.  No need to have a ‘meeting’.


Their trunk sale years before was so financially successful that they repeated it the following week, then again and again.  Finally, they had permanent stalls constructed, hired a full-time manager, and simply took care of the parking lot every Sunday afternoon.  The parking lot sign-up sheet goes around the room at every meeting.  It was Wednesday, so we missed the tag sale, so instead, took a good tour of the area – which is in an enormous caldera.  The severe earthquake which destroyed the city took place a couple of years after we left.


Boston, MA.


A lunch meeting was held in a dark, crowded hotel/restaurant downtown. The members were young professionals, and they were very excited at the prospect of meeting Mayor Menino, who was the guest speaker of the day. I chose the wrong day to attend as I didn’t even get a name tag.


Cambridge, England:


The lunchtime Rotary meeting is held in an old established hotel in the very center of Cambridge. The membership is small, middle-aged men.


The one- woman member happened to be the president the day I visited.  Members greet each other at the bar as you first walk into the hotel.  The meeting takes place on the second floor, up a grand staircase to a large ballroom.  Once a month is bangers and mash, sausage and mashed potatoes.  Pretty good.  The entire meeting was devoted to discussing the computer and how they could use it to the club’s advantage.




My children and grandchildren and I were on a hotel tour bus to walk in and along a river in the interior.  On the way back to the hotel, they dropped me off at a remote restaurant for the lunchtime Rotary meeting.  There were five members – one native of Jamaica – the president, a woman about 60 years old, and four ex-patriots who are there only in the ‘winter’ at home.  The President was quite worked up over a request for funds from the local grade school. The principal wanted money for medals to present to children who excel. She was incredulous as there are no desks in the school. No money went to the medals.


Paris Nord:


I took my grandson Lucas to Paris when he was 13 in 2012, and included a Rotary meeting in the visit. I’m sorry I wasn’t a Rotarian during the 20 years I owned an apartment there because they were so friendly. (1984-2004).  


The meeting was held at Chauncey’s Restaurant in the Gare du Nord, a huge open- air railroad station. We climbed the staircase next to the entrance alongside the south wall – leading to passport control for the Chunnel Train to London. But instead of continuing to passport control, we opened a door at the top of the stairs, exposing another flight. Up we went and met three Rotarians who took my $100 for the two of us, and gave us name tags.


The restaurant is very fancy with huge windows, beautiful chandeliers, and designed plastered walls and ceiling, five large round tables covered with white cloths and places for eight at each filled the room, There were four glasses of different sizes at each setting, and in the middle of each, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, seltzer water, and plain water. A lentil and fish cake with greens on the side was the starter, followed later by salmon covered with a bechamel sauce, rice, and a baked tomato; then a chocolate mousse cake smothered in whipped cream.


Most of the members were young men, and I later learned, most of them lawyers. The President, however, was a woman about 50 years old or so. The Rotary year runs from July 1 to June 30.  This February meeting was her 30th meeting.  She had decided at the beginning of her tenure to honor past presidents, starting from the first days of the club. This week she honored the 30th president, a man who had spent his presidency rounding up new members – and managed to get 10!  His widow and her friends were seated at the table next to mine, and I learned that they were members of a Rotary auxiliary they called Inner Wheel Paris Nord. The president then sent around a sign-up sheet for members who were going to participate in the exchange with a Rotary club in Turin, Italy. Sixteen Italians were arriving on April 6/7 and would be entertained all day and evening by the members at a cost of 30 euros. This paid for the entrance to the Baccarat Museum, walk around Temple neighborhoods, walk through Paris Passageways, and dinner at Le train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon (a very nice restaurant).


After several speeches by the guests, she finally acknowledged my presence. I jumped up and grabbed the microphone and gave my little speech in French about Guilford and presented her with our pennant. She then presented me with THEIR pennant. I asked the 6 people at our table what Lucas and I should see while we were in Paris for such a short visit. They insisted that we see the bells at Notre Dame. The bells, they kept saying. So, Lucas and I walked to Notre Dame, and looked for the bells. There wasn’t a bell in sight. So we went inside. The bells were in the aisle, starting with the largest in the back to the smallest in front of the altar, running the entire length. It was Lent, Mass was being said, so after touching all the new bells, we sat down near the front.


Lucas turned to me and said, “This is the most religious experience of my life”. On Easter Sunday, back home, we heard the new bells ringing out from the towers at Notre Dame for the first time on NPR. It was broadcast all over the world.  It was as wonderful day. overcome.  


Lucas died four years later.  Lucas passed away in his sleep at the age of 18 from myocarditis.  I will always remember our trip to Paris, especially to the Paris Nord meeting.


About a month after our visit I received an email from a member of Paris Nord who answered my questions about their membership.  They have a membership drive in March by mailing 3,000 invitations to lunch (which the members prepare) at a church hall near the Gare du Nord.  One hundred attend, pay 20 euros each, and are treated not only to a fine lunch, but also a lot of information about Rotary and their club.  They got 20 new members!


Anchorage, Alaska:


I had gone to Homer, Alaska to play the piano for a wedding. Homer is on a peninsula a five-hour drive south of Anchorage. The smoke and ask from an eruption of a volcano due west in the Aleutians prevented my departure, so I roamed around Anchorage for four days, and attended a Rotary meeting. It’s such a good way to meet people. Their buffet lunch meeting was a little different from the others in that the membership was all young men and women. Also, instead of ‘happy dollars’ like most clubs have where you pay to share something that happened the past week, they had an interlocutor who fined them for the silliest things like having their photo in the newspaper. But they loved it.


Madison, CT


Finally, I attended a Rotary meeting in Madison, bordering Guilford on the east. Their breakfast meeting featured honoring high school students for various achievements, with their parents, siblings, and grandparents there also, cheering them on.  It was as wonderful day. Queen of Clubs.  A lot of money.  I won, I gave the money to the president who was organizing the carnival – she had asked if they could have it in conjunction with LobsterFest.



Meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm



Check the club website and click on "Upcoming Programs" on the right column to see planned speakers.