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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Dec 18, 2019
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Wednesday, Decemer 18, 2019



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Gary Drake


Directors at Large


Gary Drake

        Anthony Leonardi (18-20)


Stephanie Jacobs

        Suzanne Locke  (18-20)

Attendance Secretary

Evelyn Atreya

        Patricia Todd (18-20)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

        Larry Appleton  (19-21)


Elmar Kessler

        Paul Heeren (19-21)

Assistant Treasurer

Frank Walsh

        Heidi Saamuelson (19-21)

IP President

Guy Tommasi, Jr.

  Co-Sergeants at Arms

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

         Allen B. Jacobs

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

        Thomas Terribile


This Issue’s Editor: Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting: Gary Drake called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge.  


Visiting Rotarians: Pat and Mati Mulvihill, Jacksonville, FL


Guests: Donna Gregory, Raise the Roof organization – guest speaker


Anniversaries: Megan Scanlon (2 yrs), Evelyn Atreya (10 yrs), Pat Todd (12 yrs), Tom Terribile (19 yrs), Ed Walker (35 yrs and Bill Fatula (37 yrs). 


Birthdays: Garry Higgins and Andy Stephens (GSB)


Fellowship: No report this week


Rotarian of the Month: Gary announced that Laura Harmon was selected by the Board to be Rotarian of the month for all her work in helping out with finding sponsors for Frosty5K.  Congratulations Laura!

Foundation Minute: Ed Walker informed the club of a neat way we can increase donations to charity by going onto Amazon.smile and sign up for this service.  Amazon will donate .05% of your purchases to a charity of your choice (ex. Rotary International).  As of this date $41,636 has gone to Rotary International via this service.   So you might want to think doing this to leverage your charity giving to held Rotary International.  ?  

President’s Announcements:

  • Gary stated that the Board has agreed to make a donation of $500 to SCORE –Retired Executives mentoring program.
  • Reminder: No meetings next week – Christmas Day or the following week – New Year’s Day (but please show up at the Community Center to help with Frosty5K).
  • Reminder: Club sponsors please provide shirt sizes to Mike Sinclair & Co.
  • Gary thanked Al for all his help with the Christmas lunch.  Al thanked Tom for his help in the kitchen.



Member Announcements


  • Mike Sinclair, Laura Harmon, Ralph Schoemann and Tom Terribile  provided a briefing on the progress we are making in the Frosty5K event. Mike informed us that sign-ups of runners and recruitment of sponsors is looking good. 

 Laura presented a summary of the sponsors we have obtained so far:

$2500 contribution with largest name and logo on top spot on running shirt

•Pa’s Place, thank you Rick Maynard for cultivating that sponsorship! 


•Gold $500 

•Sterling Holistic Advisors, thank you Gary!

•Guilford Savings Bank, thank you Heidi!

•R-Wireless/Verizon on the in the Rockpile shopping area

•The Hinding Group, thank you Rick!


ªSilver $250 contributions with business name listed under top level sponsors

•we have 19 sponsors art this level and thank all of you who cultivated them…Rick, Bill, Al, Paul, Gary


Our special member sponsors at Silver level are:


•Michael Ganci at Edward Jones, thank you, Mike.

•Frank’s Pakage Store, thank you Kirsta.

•Guilford Financial Group, thank you Wayne.

•Heeren Family Chiropractic, thank you, Paul.

•Lifetime Care at HOme, thank you Guy.

•Attorney Lou Federicci, thank you, Lou.

Sunset Creek Realty, thank you, Al.

•Petrick and Katz Dentistry, thank you, Tom.

•Yerkes-Stephens Insurance, thank you Andy and Craig.


We also have IN-kind sponsors who proved invaluable services and goods.  Our special member  In-kind sponsor is:

•Bishop’s Orchards, who provides breakfast foods post race. Thank you, Gene, Jonathan and Nancy. 


Countless hours have been spent by Mike Sinclaire, Lou Federici, Ralph Schoemann and Laura Harmon in making all of these advertising modes a reality, 


Ralph announced that he needs a few more members to help out with registration at Sound Runner in Branford on Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st.  (He was able to recruit members to help out). Ralph mentioned he needs a few more members to help out at registration on race day – so please show up on race day and Ralph will put you to work.

Chief Tom mentioned we have a number of people and businesses in town have who are giving us in-kind services such as the Guilford Courier (publicity); Walmart (water), Park and Rec and Police Department staff help out as well.  Tom asks that you let him know if you have expenses related to the race so that we can keep track of that as well. 


Tony Fappiano brought us up to date on elections for officers of the Club next year.  It appears there will only be an election in January for the three open Board of Directors positions.  Tony stated that there are 6 interested in being on the Board.


The only office we do not have a sure candidate is President-elect for 2021.  Gary suggested that if someone does not volunteer to run for President-elect that we raise our dues high enough to make that position a paid one – if that happens Gary will stay on as President for Life! 


King of Clubs: 52 cards left in the deck.  Pot is $36.  Sorry, no winner today.  


Happy $


  • Joel: Happy Hanukkah,, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; Happy to be going to       FL for 4 months (loud cheers from the membership)
  • Paul: Great senior lunch & enjoyed singing for the seniors.
  • Tony #1: enjoyed the cold Giants game and seeing Eli go out in style
  • Bob Shepard: Happy to be heading for the Dominican Republic for only 3 months.
  • Gene: Happy holidays. He and family enjoyed a nice boat trip (up or down) the Danube.
  • Patrick: Wants to know when his birthday is.
  • Riefe: Happy and proud to be a member of this club and enjoyed going Radio City with friends from the club.
  • Gary: Enjoyed going to Apple Rehab and it was a great time and thanks to all who are involved in the Frosty5K event.
  • Tom: Happy the restaurant in NYC was not on 4th Street because they were on 50th St and walking!    


Guest Speaker: Donna Gregory, Raise the Roof and our own, Frank Walsh: Donna introduced us to Raise the Roof (RTR) and explained their relationship to the Club and a little bit of their history. RTR began in Madison in 2003 and is the shoreline affiliate of Habitat for Humanity for Madison, Branford, Guilford, Clinton and Killingworth to raise funds to help families build homes.  RTR has sponsored the building of 16 homes in New Haven over the last 16 years.  They are hoping to build 2 houses per year this coming year. Future owners help by working at least 400 hours to help build their homes.  They obtain a mortgage from Habitat for Humanity and agree to live in the home for at least 10 years.     


The previous four years had taught RTR that the best way to raise a roof is to invite local stars and the Shoreline community to tear up the dance floor.  November 15 was the fifth year for RTR’s signature event, Gala of Stars: Dancing for the Cause. RTR defines stars as community leaders passionate about making the world a better place, and this year’s stars shone brightly. They accepted the invitation to step onto the dance floor to help provide families with the opportunity to build and own safe, affordable homes.


Frank Walsh recently became a family partner to a new family that will become owners of a house in New Haven. Family partners interact with a new family coming to the New Haven area and assist them in any way they. Frank spoke to the members about how we can help raise people up by allowing families to have a home.  Frank introduced us to the family he is now a partner.


Frank is assisting with Laye Camar, who speaks French.  Laye was driven out of Africa by civil unrest and he fled to Morocco where he spent 12 years in a refugee camp.  He was checked out by the FBI and was cleared and relocated to Connecticut were IRIS helped him.  Laye and his wife, Fatomata, and their two children closed on their Habitat for Humanity and RTR home on December 20th at 39 Elliot St. in New Haven.  Frank is happy to think of a family that had little hope of living in a free country and now they have a home in America.  Habitat for Humanity now has built over 100 houses in New Haven now and Raise the Roof has built 16 of these homes and all of the owners are still living in them.  Frank stated that all the residents have earned these homes by helping build them.  Frank commented that being affiliated with RTR has raised him up because he sees people and families having hope and experiencing a happy ending for a family that had no hope just a few years ago.



Check the club website and click on "Upcoming Programs" on the right column to see planned speakers.