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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Aug 10, 2011
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This Issue's Editor

Pat Todd


Call to Meeting & Invocation

Pledge led by President  Jonathan Bishop

Invocation by Guy Tomassin


Visiting Rotarians






Birthdays & Anniversaries




  • Tony is on a sub committee of the District Conference Committee, which will be held in Warwick, RI on May 14, 15, 16, 17
  • Janey circulated a sign-up sheet for the Community Dining Room 8/30
  • Mike S. reminded everyone about the Memorial Ed Raffle 9/21.  First prize $3,000, 2nd prize an IPadII.  Either sell your tickets or return to Janey, as there is a demand for them.

King of Clubs

21 cards    $578 prize.  No winner.


Happy Dollars

  • Nancy B:  terrific vacation out west on the National Parks Circle Trail.
  • Paul: Hello from Ed Walker who made a professional visit from his vacation - surfing.
  • Mike: $20 great vacation in Maine and at Martha's Vineyard.  They know 'it's a girl'!
  • Bill S: Happy to see Three Musketeers on the Green last week, with GSB as major sponsor. Margaret had cameo role (three lines) which she recited for us!
  • Rick:  great vacation at Martha's Vineyard.  Reminded us that an American Idol winner will be performing on the Green 8/21
  • Craig: $20 Back from 7th Annual Grandparent's Camp with 12 children in van from Cape Cod to Poconos.


Jonathan reminded us that we raise funds for 1) Domestic and local needs; 2) International needs; 3) To meet district and international responsibilities  and 4) to promote community awareness

(Members filled out a survey regarding Guilford Rotary procedures, namely Grace, prayer or Thought of the Day for Grace before lunch after the pledge to the flag, and attendance for the speaker after the meeting.)

Members had 15 minutes to come up with new ideas for fundraising at their tables, present their ideas, and then vote with red-dot stickers.  Some of the ideas presented were:

Events, not sales - four events a year such as Capitol Steps or a new golf tournament at Clinton CC; or a Dinner Theater with local talent, include a Men's Fashion Show and silent auction; Naked Calendar; drop #'d golf balls from cherry picker or helicopter to a green - closest to pin wins; car wash; duck race; Winter Chicken; pancake breakfast; car raffle; find out from District what other clubs are doing (there is a District Golf Tournament); Celebrity dog wash.  Whatever we do, for community awareness, small amount of $ from each to increase number of participants. 

Results of the survey will be presented a the next meeting.