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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Feb 15, 2017
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Wednesday, February 15,  2017



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Louis Federici


Directors at Large


Robert Hartmann, Jr.

   Dustin Galvin (15-17)


Helen Rizzo

   Michael Ganci (16-18)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

   Suzanne Locke (16-18)


Elmar Kessler

   Don McGregor (16-17)

IP President

William Stableford

   Sandra Ruoff (16-18)

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

   John H. Trowbridge (15-17)

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

 Co-Sergeants at Arms
       John Trowbridge
       Jonathan Christoff



This Issue's Editor
Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting
Acting president Hartmann open the meeting with the pledge.


President’s Announcements: 

  • Bob passed out some data on our club: attendance and club size is good.  (fortunately he didn’t list our average IQ)



Evelyn Atreya awarded Rotarian of the month for all her contributions to the Club. Congratulations Evelyn!










Visiting Rotarians: None


Guests: Stephanie Jacobs with dad Al; Guest speaker David Mills


Anniversaries: Scott Stascke, Bob White, John Murphy and Larry Appleton  


Birthdays:  Mike Rambus and Harrison West   


Foundation Minute: Scott Stascke:

  • Ryder Miconi’s paperwork for the Rotary International Graduate Fellowship has been forwarded to the District and hopefully he will receive the fellowship.
  • Paul Harris nominations are being asked for.  Scott will take nominations for this award so if you would like to nominate a deserving citizen from Guilford please let him know.
  • On April 8th there will be training for assembling grants for submission to the Rotary Foundation at the Sheraton Four Points in Meriden, 275 Research Parkway. Please contact Scott for further information on this.  
  • April 26th Omni Hotel, in New Haven, 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation celebration. Check with Scott for more details.  The Club may be able to sponsor a few members to go to this event.
  • April 27th thru the 30th is the multi-district conference in Providence.  The Club can help finance the cost of this event.  Let Scott know and he will see what we can do to help out.


  • John Murphy mentioned that David Wight is still at the Guilford House and he will visit him after the meeting.  
  • Paul Heeren announced that Eddie Walker needs help getting to see his physician this Friday.  Ralph Schoemann and Bob White offered to help out.    

Member Announcements:

  • Stax reminded us that all bills for things we purchase for LobsterFest go to Guy Tommasi so we can keep track of things better.
  • Price for tickets is $45.00 this year.  The Chamber of Commerce charges $48 plus a cash bar. 
  • Stax handed out a summary of sponsorships so we can inform potential sponsors what options cost.       

Garry Higgins, Tony Fappiano, Dealer Bill Fatula and Michael Sinclair

King of Clubs: 25 cards in the deck $526 in the pot.  Sorry, no winner this week. (Gene didn’t play!)  


Happy $’s

  • Bob Hartmann: Happy to be a Great Uncle.
  • Harrison West: Thanks for the birthday song; contribution to the Foundation and congratulations to Sandy Ruoff for 40 years as director of the Guilford Library!
  • Ralph Shoemann: Just back from a trip down south way including going to a UCONN Women’s away basketball game.
  • Sandy Ruoff:  Back from a nice visit to FL and she announced, yes, she has had a great 40 year run at the Library.
  • Mike Sinclair: Nice visit with son in Brooklyn. 
  • Al Jacobs:  How about those UCONN Women’s basketball team! Heading to FL and will visit with Bruce Chips.
  • Paul Heeren: Went skiing and didn’t get hurt but when he returned he had a spill on black ice at home.
  • Evelyn Atreya: Thank you for the award and happy to be back from a nice trip to daughter in San Francisco.
  • Tom Petrick: Apologies to the speaker.
  • Rick Maynard: Glad his wife is doing well after a bad fall.
  • Stephanie Jacobs: Passed her real estate exam!

Guest Speaker: David Mills, DoSo Dance Band (Neighborhood Music School-NMS)

David spoke to the Club members about the DoSo dance band he founded and organized at the NMS.  David  mentioned that fewer and fewer people are playing musical instruments even though research shows that playing a musical instrument helps people cogently throughout one’s  life. 

David founded DoSo music to engage young children with what he called DoSo elementary that is designed to engage them thru singing strumming and playing music from around the world.  The second goal was to create a DoSo  dance band for teens and adults of all ages and this is designed to re-unite live music with social dancing.  In New Haven they have members playing/dancing from age 13 to 65. They performed at the Community Center on New Years Eve.  The band hopes to perform on April 29th at the Community Center.  Take a look at a Youtube video of some DoSo children dancing and singing:



Check the club website and click on "Upcoming Programs" on the right column to see planned speakers.