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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Jun 8, 2011
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This Issue's Editor

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Call to Meeting & Invocation

Pledge led by President Wayne Staschke

Invocation by Bob White


Visiting Rotarians




Mike Ganci's wife Susan


Birthdays & Anniversaries

Anniversaries for Chuck Bernhard, Mike Mikolay, Guy Tommasi, David Vale, and Donald Baechler 

Birthdays included Donald Baechler, Diane Berg, Michael Negron, Ralph Schoeman, Peter Butler


  • At the board meeting last week the following money was approved for:

           The Haitian foundation- $600

            Community Center Program- $500

             VNA exercise group- $250

             Memorial Education Fund- $3000

             Bio Straw Filters- $400

  • Florence Chittenden needs help to install a new fence
  • Tony Fappiano presented the Paul Harris award to Mike Ganci
  • Donald presented the Rotarian of the Month to President Wayne
  • John Trowbridge-  asking for help to sell tickets outside of Page Hardware and Bishops Saturday and Sunday
  • David Vale-  if you reserved a table or tent, please let him know what you want the sign to say for your table
  • Nancy Bishop-  Packing for LobsterFest will be Monday, June 20th, 5:00- 6:30pm.
  • Pat Todd- lease meet at Bishop's at 8:30 am the morning of the LobsterFest

King of Clubs

Not played today


Happy Dollars

  • Mike Sinclair- Congrats to Mike, happy money was donated for the Memorial Ed Fund 
  • Janie Patrick-  ditto Mike Sinclair
  • Linda Volpe- Congrats to Mike.  Happy LobsterFest money was turned in today!
  • Jon Bishop- congrats Mike- hopeful for a great LobsterFest to start out his presidency on the right foot!
  • Rick Maynard-thanks to the interact club for the $1000 donation for the fireworks
  • Ralph Schipani- happy he will be a grandfather for the second time!
  • Bob White- Congrats Mike
  • Joel Galvin- Congrats Mike.  Wanted to acknowledge the board for making a donation to the Memorial Ed Fund and changing their previous decision regarding LobsterFest.
  • Diane Berg-  Congrats Mike.  Thanks for the Birthday song.
  • Guy Tommasi- Thank you to the board for the money for the Parkinson's exercise group
  • Ray Boyd- wife is coming home after a week away
  • Bill Stableford-  thanks for the memorial ed fund money.  Read a funny story.
  • Mike Ganci-  glad his wife is at the meeting and grateful for the honor of being named a Paul Harris Fellow.
  • Susan Ganci-  wanted to recognize the great job the club does
  • Paul Heeren- happy that a local dentist put his cap back on his tooth!
  • Pat Todd- Congrats Mike
  • Riefe- Congrats Mike.  Enjoyed celebrating his 40th class reunion at Dennison this past weekend
  • Gene Bishop- recognizing all of the Birthday people and Mike
  • John Murphy- Congrats Mike.  Had fun selling tickets with Craig last weekend
  • Donald- Congrats to Mike and thanks for the Birthday song
  • John Stax-  thanks to those who sold tickets
  • Wayne- Congrats to Mike.  Hoping a family member struggling with alcoholism gets better




John Stax spoke about LobsterFest


- If you are available to volunteer at LobsterFest, please e-mail Stax@snet.net for a position.  There is much to be done.

- Rotarians are needed to come up with goods and services that can be auctioned off.  Lou Federicci brought in a guitar that was rumored to be James Taylor's son's in years gone by.Perfect item!.Also good is services, like if your business has contracts with various suppliers, some of those might offer a gift. Lawn mowing, painting, gardening, haircuts, whatever.  Please contact Gary Higgins if you can contribute for the silent auction.


Upcoming Speakers

March 23rd - Author Lynn Haney