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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Jan 25, 2017
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Wednesday, January 25,  2016



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    



Louis Federici


Directors at Large


Robert Hartmann, Jr.

   Dustin Galvin (15-17)


Helen Rizzo

   Michael Ganci (16-18)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

   Suzanne Locke (16-18)


Elmar Kessler

   Don McGregor (16-17)

IP President

William Stableford

   Sandra Ruoff (16-18)

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

   John H. Trowbridge (15-17)

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

 Co-Sergeants at Arms
       John Trowbridge
       Jonathan Christoff



This Issue's Editor
Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting
President Federici open the meeting with the pledge.


Words for this Week: “The Masterpiece of Man, is to live with Purpose”.  This is attributed to Ben Franklin, or some French dude I never heard of.  So I am going with Franklin.


Visiting Rotarians: None


Guests: Stephanie Jacobs, Alexandria Wainer, Conrad Poole – Interact students,  Kafi Rouse (Guest Speaker from Planned Parenthood)


Anniversaries: Carrie Healy -2016


Birthdays:  Paul Heeren; Frank Walsh, Gene Bishop and Michele Call 


Fellowship: John Murphy reported that he, Evelyn Atreya and yours truly visited Bobbi Wight after our meeting last week as she is home bound while David is recovering at Guilford House.

John also mentioned that Eddie Walker injured his leg after a fall at his house.  Eddie would like to receive calls from members if you can do so.



  • LobsterFest. Stax announced a few changes coming this year.  Price of tickets will be $45 per ticket; tables as group of 8 for $450.  They will be looking at the layout of the event so if you have any comments about this let Stax know.

    There will be two distinct tickets this year.  One will be a general admission ticket and reserved tickets will be attached in groups of 8 tickets.  Sam Appleton will be selling the packets of 8 tickets.

    Stax also noted that the Club would lower to $30 the ticket price for members who are working that day.  
  • Community Dining Room – Janie Patrick announced that January 31st is a 5th Tuesday and we have a minimum number of servers and cooks scheduled to help out.  If any of the volunteers are unable to attend, please contact Janie so she will be able to find a replacement. This date there will be a full turkey dinner served. 
  • Global Rotary Scholarship.  Scott Staschke reported that a college student, Tony Rider, former Guilford HS student, will be enrolling at Cambridge University, England next Fall.  He is asking the Club to nominate him for this graduate fellowship.  When his application is received the Board will vote on a recommendation.
  • Lou Federici: We received a thank you note from Columbus House for our support.

Interact Students:  Alexandria Wainer and Conrad Poole, Co-presidents thanked us for our continued support of $1,000.00 that will be used to help the homeless shelter and the Interact scholarship fund.  Conrad announced they have a couple events coming up including the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry, March 24th at the K of C Hall where the Interact Club will receive all the profits from this event.

Conrad also reminded us that the Cry Baby Scramble golf tournament will be coming up on May 20th.


King of Clubs: 34 cards in the deck.  $373 in the pot.  Sorry, no winner this week.  


Happy $’s

  • Harrison West: Had a great time in CA and visited two Rotary Clubs while there but he appreciates our $13 lunch.
  • Paul Heeren: Believe it or not his kids picked up the lunch tab!
  • Al Jacobs:  Asked Paul to repeat his story.
  • Steve Dudley:  Happy to be heading to FL for a few months.
  • Gene Bishop: Thanks for the birthday song; check for the Foundation
  • Sandy Ruoff: $5.  Fun thing happening at the library this Saturday from 1 to 4: demonstrations – studio space.  Digital sewing machine; 3 3-D printers; a 3-D scanner; telescope; microscope; die cut machine; Google cardboard glasses; digital converter for vinyl records and videos and a machine that prints money (kidding).
  • Guy Tommasi:  Apologies to the speaker, leaving early.
  • Craig Yerkes: Glad to get rid of bronchitis but happy to have visited central CA and the Rose Bowl.
  • Wayne Staschke: Off to the slopes
  • Andy Stephens: Noted his daughter is on a church mission in the Dominican Republic and came across a Tarantula spider in a public bathroom!
  • Mike Rambus: Hooked on Sudoku. Looking for help
  • Larry Appleton: Dudley Farm Sugar Shack in N. Guilford is in operation and the sap is running.
  • Evelyn Atreya:  Off to CA to visit her daughter.
  • Janie Patrick: Thanks for all your help with the Community Dining Room.
  • Pat Todd: Apologies, leaving early
  • Lou Federici: Thanks to the Club for your support of the Foundation. 
  • Bob White: Happy to sell his Puerto Rican time share.    

Guest Speaker: Kafi Rouse, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. 

Planned Parenthood is your trusted source for STD/STI testing, birth control, pregnancy tests and counseling, emergency contraception and more - all in a convenient, confidential and safe environment. We have a sliding fee scale based on your income and participate with many insurance plans.

  •  Screening & treatment of STDs/STIs
  •  HIV testing & counseling
  •  HPV & Hepatitis B vaccinations
  •  Tuberculosis testing
  •  All FDA-approved birth control methods & counseling
  •  Emergency contraception
  •  Adoption referral
  •  Annual gynecological exams
  •  Pregnancy tests & counseling
  •  Colposcopy, Cryosurgery & LEEP
  •  Abortion services, both in-clinic and by pill
  •  Testing & treatment of vaginal, cervical & urinary tract infections
  •  Primary Care services
  •  School and Work Physicals
  •  And more!

- See more at: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-southern-new-england/patient-resources#sthash.BST1B9Tb.dpuf

Through our education programs we provide the skills and support individuals need to make well-informed and positive decisions about their sexuality and sexual health.  Our programs are affordable, interactive, medically-accurate and age-appropriate and are facilitated by skilled sexuality education experts.

We also provide workshops and programs designed to help parents/caregivers in their role of primary sexuality educator of their children.

Settings where our programs occur include:

  • Public, private and charter schools
  • Community based organizations
  • After school programs
  • Colleges and universities
  • Juvenile detention centers & adult correctional facilities
  • Group homes
  • PTA’s/PTO’s
  • Programs for individuals with special needs
  • Substance abuse treatment programs
  • Private homes

 Education topics include:

  •  Abstinence/postponing sexual involvement
  • Birth Control Methods
  • Body Image/Self Esteem
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Gender, gender identity and gender expression
  • Planned Parenthood services
  • Real Life. Real Talk. Sex Ed for Parents (how to talk with your children about sex and sexuality)
  • Sexual Decision Making
  • Sexual Health and Reproduction
  • Sexuality and Social Media
  • STD and HIV 
  • Sexual orientation/LGBTQ
  • Facilitation on evidence-based curricula (Making A Difference!, Making Proud Choices!, ¡Cuídate!, Be Proud! Be Responsible!, SHARP (Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention, Reducing The Risk)

Real Life. Real Talk.®

We believe that parents/caregivers should be the primary sexuality educators of their children.  Real Life. Real Talk is a 90 minute parent/child communication program to help caregivers build skills around sexuality and sexual health so that they feel comfortable imparting developmentally and medically-appropriate information to their children.   Programs are held in community based settings as well as in private homes. Email us (education@ppsne.org) to set up a Real Life, Real Talk session in your community.

To schedule any of our programs or to learn more, contact:

Fairfield County:  203.367.6965
Hartford County:  203-988-5328
New London County: 860-315-2290
New Haven County:  203-752-2889
Rhode Island: 401-421-7820 x 7065

- See more at: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-southern-new-england/local-education-training/community-education#sthash.PUbjFFAc.dpuf









Check the club website and click on "Upcoming Programs" on the right column to see planned speakers.