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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Oct 21, 2015
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Wednesday, October 21,  2015



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    


William Stableford


Directors at Large


Louis Federici

   Dustin Galvin (15-17)


Helen Rizzo

   Robert J. Hartmann, Jr. (15-17)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

   John H. Trowbridge (15-17)


Elmar Kessler

   Ralph Schoemann (14-16)

IP President

John Sengstacken

   Robert White (14-16)

Foundation Chair

Scott Staschke

   J. Riefe Tietjen (14-16)

Grants Steward

Michael Ganci

 Co-Sergeants at Arms
       John Trowbridge
       Jonathan Christoff



This Issue's Editor
Pat Todd


Call to Meeting & Thought for the Day
President Bill Stableford led the pledge 


Visiting Rotarians: None


Guests: ; Helen Rizzo's friend Tom Salmons; Susan Leonard (Mrs. Tony)


Other Guests:  (right to left) Virginia Walton (Mrs. Tim), son Lucas (6 weeks old) and Dad, Tim







Margaret Livingston, John leffingwell



  • President Bill described the Global Grant - wells in Uganda- and how our $5,000 with an additional $5,000 from Madison and Branford together could grow to $37,500 with the additional funds from North Branford, East Haven, and Clinton.  He will be working on this at the Area 8 meeting this Friday with Bob Friend.
  • Thank you Donald Baechler for an up-to-date, current, informative website.  We will need a replacement for Donald at the end of June 2016.
  • Thank you Lou, Mary Ann, Jack and Pat for taking minutes and writing the newsletter every week.
  • Mary Ann Bracken announced that the coat drive for IRIS ends next Wednesday.  She will be going directly to New Haven to deliver the coats after the meeeting, so bring you coats to the next meeting - clean and on hangers.
  • Cindy Cartier anounced the Orchard House Comedy Night at Amaranti's this Friday at 5:30.  Dinner, beer, wine, and three comediens performing cost only $50.  Cindy still has tickets for you!
  • Susan Locke reminded everyone about packing roses this Thursday at Roses for Autism at 5:00.  Everyone had a good time packing last week (no thorns this year) and dining afterward at the Mooring.  Susan read the list of staff for selling at Bishops this Friday and Saturday. Be sure to check with her and/or Riefe if you don't remember your shift.  It was suggested that Tim give his wife Virginia a dozen roses for each pound Lucas weighs.
  • Al told us about two donations that the Interact Club made this week: $1,250 for a Happy House for the Haitian Foundation and $1,250 to the Guilford Foundation.  Also, Interact Club Pasta Night will be held on Election Night, Tuesday, Nobvember 3 at the Knights of Columbus from 5:30 to 8:00.  interact Club members will be selling tickets at our meeting next week.
  • Ralph will be collecting for the Loose Change Initiative for Tropical Diseases next week.
  • Larry told us that since the cold weather set in so suddenly, six additional families have signed up for Warm the Children.  Members volunteered immediately to help 'shop'. 
  • Mike Ganci announced that GCTV is setting up for the a Road Race the 2nd Tuesday in November.  Let Mike or Tim know if you are interested. 

King of Clubs:  New deck. There have been three winners in the past four weeks for the first time according to Bill fatula.  This week Janie, Ed Walker and Jon Trowbridge won the right to draw from the deck.  No winner.



Happy $

  •  Helen: Happy to welcome her guest Tom
  • Harrison: welcomes Virginia with baby Lucas Malton - a very popular baby in his parish.
  • Joel: so happy to find his phone with the aid of his wife who happened to have a tracking device on HIS phone.
  • Gene Bishhop: Took a look at the new Fresh Market, and was happy to see so many of his customers there.
  •  Al: welcome Virginia and Lucas; apologies to the speaker
  • Ed: happy to be back
  • Mike Ganci: Trip to beautiful Manchester, Vermont for an overnight.  Highly reommends this time of year.
  • Sam: happy for winning King of Clubs last week; apologies to the speaker
  • Murphy: welcome Lucas
  • Tony: happy to have as his guest his wife Susan
  • Andy: $100 check to the Foundation for his birthday last week.  Welcome Lucas
  • Paul: welcome Lucas.  Went on a golf outing with Dave Summerlin and Dave O/connor, the outing he won at the silent auction at LobsterFest last June.  They golfed at Shuttle Meadow in Berlin, CT.  They had a great time.Welcome back Ed.
  • Tim: happy to have Virginia and Lucas as his guests today.
  • Bob White: happy that his youngest son now has a mortgage. apologies to the speaker.
  • Drew: Happy to be making a trip to Maryland this weekend.
  • President Bill: happy to introduce the 'last minute speaker' Barry Farbrother whose topic was 'CRICKET'

 SPEAKER:   Barry Farbrother: There are 120 million cricket players in the world and two to three billion fans.  it's bigger than soccer.  Barry passed around the pads and gloves, showed us the items that make up the game, and explained the Cricket vocabulary. I learned that the bowler (pitcher) tries to dislodge the 'bails' (small wooden rods) sitting atop three standing poles behind the batter (the wicket), and that the batter's job is to prevent that pitched ball from hitting the sitting balls.

Check the club website and click on"Upcoming Programs" to see planned speakers.