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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Jun 25, 2015
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Wednesday, June 24,  2015



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    


John Sengstacken


Board of Directors


William Stableford

   Michael Mikolay (13-15)


Helen Rizzo

   Louis Federici (13-15)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

   Robert Hartmann, Jr. (13-15)


Susan Koch

   Ralph Schoemann (14-16)


John Trowbridge

   Robert White (14-16)


Jonathan Christoff

   J. Riefe Tietjen (14-16)

IP President

Terri Bryant



This Issue's Editor
Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting
President Sengstacken led the pledge for the last time (this term anyway) and left us the following words of wisdom: There is no sense in being pessimistic – it won’t work anyway.


Visiting Rotarians: None  


Guests: Guest Speaker Kelly Streeter and her father.


Anniversaries and Birthdays: None 


President’s Minutes:

Care Uganda:  Stax announced that we are going to work further with Martha Hoffman and Call to Care Uganda.  We will be affiliating with other  clubs to seek a district grant and donations from other clubs in the amount of $30,000 to fund construction of 5 wells that will provide fresh water for 7,500 people living in villages without water.  Our club will likely be the lead club on this project. 

Stax: Welcomed back Barry Farbrother – to loud applause.

LobsterFest Review:

Stax announced that we served just under 1250 and given the weather that’s pretty impressive and we had a lot of fun.  Stax, Tom Petrick and Suzanne Locke thanked all the volunteers who helped out.  Gary Drake reported on how the silent auction went as Gary Higgins could not be here. We had 94 items up for bid this year and last year we had 71.  Revenue is about $4,000. Gary reminded us of all the hours Gary Higgins gives us behind the scene in putting on the silent auction. It is a big job.

Lou Federici thanked  Gary Drake for all the sign work-professional quality; Helen Rizzo (also a wine server) and Sue Renner for keeping track of all the funds; John Trowbridge for selling a growing number of  tickets on PayPal and doing the nasty job of cracking lobsters all afternoon; Maryann Bracken for all the great media work; Mike Ganci for the video announcing this event back in winter, and cracking sters; Guy Tommasi for keeping track of selling tickets with people throwing money and tickets at him; Sam Appleton for doing a wonderful job selling reserve tables – as usual. And of course, Tony (#1) Fappiano, for the miles of video tape for this event.

Gary Drake said Lou forgot to thank one person – himself - for all the work he did to help make the Fest a great event that it is.

And thanks to Bob Hartmann Jr. for keeping everyone in liquid refreshments. The beer and wine stock was almost perfect with just a bit left over that us servers were forced to consume.

Sandy Ruoff reminded us that the Bishop family has been giving time, storage, baking potatoes, cooling lobsters, space to prepare all the food and logistics for all the 19 years that this event has been going on.  LobsterFest would not exist without their help and support!

Joel Galvin wanted to give special recognition to his wife who has been helping out on the steak team for 18 years; Dave Summerlin who has been working with him on steaks for years and Guy Tommasi who jumped in as a rookie to help out after finishing the ticket selling job. We had a lot of good feedback from attendees. 

Al Jacobs said we had 12 kids show up from the Interact Club because they had fun helping out with sters and ice cream and noted they will be back next year.


Page Hardware Gift Certificate: Was won by Dr. Peter Jokl, Guilford.



Janie Patrick: Reminded us that June 30th is Community Dinning day in Branford.  The 12 usual suspects volunteered to cook and serve.

Installation Dinner: Bill Stableford reminded us of the installation dinner next Wed night, 6 pm at the Owenego Club, 40 Linden Ave, Branford.  55 members are planning to attend.  Please let Helen Rizzo or Bill know if you plan to attend as soon as possible as we have to give them a head count now. 



Scott Staschke reminded us that the end of the fiscal year is June 30th if we want to give your sustaining member contribution to the Foundation this year you still have time but not much.



King of Clubs: 43 cards in the deck. $208 in the pot.  Sorry, no winner, although Dustin Galvin, Ed Walker and Jonathan Bishop tried to find it in Bill Fatula's hand.



Happy $’s

  • Stax: Appreciation for work on LobsterFest and for a great year.
  • Don McGregor: Thanked Scott for figuring out how to adjust the pressure on the beer kegs and Don finished his deck project this week.
  • Paul Heeren: Patients happy at the Fest and happy to see Barry back.
  • Scott Staschke: Fest and $100 contribution on behalf of Wayne for sustaining membership.
  • Mike Ganci: Thanks to Stax for his leadership this year and to Bill Stableford for taking over next year.
  • Dustin Galvin: Fest; Interact kids and Tim Geelan for their help.
  • Bill Stableford: Thanks for the 15 folks who showed up Sunday morning in the rain including all three Bishop family members who were last to leave Saturday night and first to arrive Sunday morning.
  • Lou Federici: Fest; reserve tents and welcome back Barry.
  • Al Jacobs: Thanks to Stax for a great job and Interact kids.
  • Cindy Cartier: Enjoyed working as bar backup in wine tent.
  • Barry Farbrother: Thanks for the flowers and for the welcome back
  • Bill Fatula: Beer tent won the tip race over wine tent by (just) 70 pence.
  • Tom Petrick: Son’s graduation from high school and Janie who ran the service line.
  • John Murphy: Fest; Barry is back with Cricket stats; and Nancy for introducing him to a child who struggled and just graduated from Guilford High.
  • Nancy Bishop: Thanks to John for saving the child’s future.
  • Donald Baechler: Barry is back.  He was missed from the wine tent and may explain why we had some wine left over.
  • Gary Drake: Stax for his service; Bishop family for their help and Bill Stableford for being willing to serve.
  • Dave Summerlin: 20 steaks on the grill at a time!
  • Sandy Ruoff: Wine tasted fine and reserve table is great.
  • John Trowbridge: Daughter is getting married this week!



Kelly Streeter, Guilford, CT; Professional Civil Engineer, Partner, Vertical Access

For over 20 years, Vertical Access has delivered  investigation and testing services while providing creative solutions to access challenges on all types of buildings and structures. They work with clients to develop a flexible, customized, and collaborative approach to each project, and they take great pride in this keystone characteristic of the firm.

They employ direct-to-digital field documentation using the Tablet PC Annotation System (TPAS®). Developed by Vertical Access, TPAS™ streamlines data collection and management, eliminates transcription errors, and reduces turnaround time. Their reports are optimized for graphical and numerical analysis and are customizable for seamless integration into the project documents of their clients.

With industrial rope access, they achieve quick, hands-on access to buildings and structures without expensive and time-consuming conventional swing stage or frame scaffolding. This unique approach minimizes impacts on buildings and occupants and helps their clients to develop accurate and detailed scopes of work for budgeting, phasing, scheduling and bidding for repair and maintenance.

Upcoming meetings    Check the club website and click on "Calendar" in the right-hand pane to see planned speakers.