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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Feb 18, 2015
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Wednesday, February 18,  2014



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    


John Sengstacken


Board of Directors


William Stableford

   Michael Mikolay (13-15)


Helen Rizzo

   Louis Federici (13-15)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

   Robert Hartmann, Jr. (13-15)


Susan Koch

   Ralph Schoemann (14-16)


John Trowbridge

   Robert White (14-16)


Jonathan Christoff

   J. Riefe Tietjen (14-16)

IP President

Terri Bryant




This Issue's Editor
Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting
President Sengstacken led the pledge


Visiting Rotarians: None


Guests: Peter Palumbo and guests from Guilford High School, Guilford D.A.Y. Initiative


Anniversaries: Larry Appleton (1993); John (Fr.) Murphy (1993); Bruce Chips (1986) and Bob White (2008).


Birthdays: Bill Stableford


President’s Minutes.  


Suzanne Locke announced she needs two volunteers to help her form a team to enter the Guilford High School Spelling Bee, March 20th.  


The Guilford Fund For Education (GFFE) Adult Spelling Bee is not your traditional spelling bee.  Forty-eight teams of three spellers each compete against each other for the much coveted "Best of the Hive" award.  Eight teams compete at a time in a round called a "swarm."  After the sixth swarm, the winners of each swarm compete in a final round to determine the winner.  For those teams that are less than stellar spellers, there are also awards for best team name, best costumes and best spirit.  While the Bee will follow Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee rules, the main purpose of the evening is to invite the community to an evening of fun in celebration of education. 


If you would like to help out, please email Suzanne at SLocke715@GMail.com.  We are informed that you don’t have to know how to spell to bee on the team!


President Stax reminded us to look for some new members to join the Club.



  • Taping TV Spots for LobsterFest: Mike Ganci announced he will soon send an email to those who have volunteered to help video tape LobsterFest spots listing the assignments for each person. The tapings will take place on February 24 and March 19th at 5 pm at the Guilford TV studio on Rt 1. 
  • Thanks from IRIS: Bill Stableford informed us that he/we received a note from IRIS (Integrated Refugee Immigrant Services) thanking us for our donation of $500 to support their run on Super Bowl Sunday where they raised over $25,000.  In return, IRIS gave us two t-shirts that Bill auctioned off for a donation to the Club.  Winners were Mike Ganci and Don McGregor.
  • Raise the Roof Volunteers Needed: Bill Stableford asked for volunteers to help with building our house in New Haven during week days.  A large number of members raised their hands.  Those who wish to help out with this project during (warmer) week days please email Bill at Wstableford43@comcast.net or Gary Drake at Gary_Drake@SBCglobal.net

Foundation Minute: Craig Yerkes announced he is trying to get more members of the Club to join our Every Rotarian Every Year club by donating some money -$100 if possible- to the Foundation on our birthday. Currently we have about 53 members of the club doing that now and we would like to reach 100% if possible.  Everyone is encouraged to give whatever they can. It is not required that you give $100 but anything you can give helps out.  All funds given go toward becoming a Paul Harris Fellow. 


King of Clubs: 34 cards in the deck. $401 in the pot. Sorry, no winner.


Happy $’s

  • Tom Terribile - $40 for the Foundation - one for every year of service. Thanks Tom for your service to Guilford!
  • Paul Heeren - Thanks to Tom and great skiing with Riefe in Salt Lake City.
  • Riefe Tietjen - Thanks to Tom and great skiing.
  • Craig Yerkes - Guilford freshman basketball beat Hillhouse for the first time and Madison as well.  Sad note: daughter-in-law, Rebecca Yerkes, had a serious accident skiing and all pray for her full recovery.  
  • Bill Stableford - Check for the Foundation and thanks for the birthday song.
  • Don McGregor - Enjoyed two-week trip to CA visiting daughter and son-in-law
  • Leslie Ann Powers - Glad to be back and wishes for Rebecca’s recovery.
  • Jonathon Christoff – Congratulations to Tom.
  • John Trowbridge – Congratulations to Tom.
  • Rick Maynard – Congratulations to Tom and enjoyed cross country skiing at the East River Preserve.
  • Andy Stephens – Thanks to Tom’s son, Nate, for giving him heat at his home.
  • Tony Leonard – Back from nice trip to FL visiting son and wishes for Rebecca’s recovery.
  • Bill Fatula – Thanks for Nate’s help also.
  • Lou Federici – Congratulations to Tom and for a nice trip to DC to visit son.
  • Eddie Walker – Congratulations to Tom and thanks for son, Nate.  Good worker.

SPEAKER:  Peter Palumbo introduced students from Guilford High School who are active in an organization called D.A.Y (Developmental Assets for Youth). Peter mentioned that D.A.Y has been working with Guilford Youth and Family Services with drug and alcohol prevention programs in Guilford.  


Special Event: March 23rd, 7 pm, Guilford High School Gym:  Chris Herren, an ex-Celtics player will tell his story of addiction, recovery and to send a strong message that we don’t need to change ourselves with drugs and alcohol.

The THP Project Purple Initiative concept was developed when Chris spoke at a local high school in 2011 and the front row of students were wearing Purple shirts. After Chris shared his story, one of the purple shirts raised her hand and stood up to speak. As snickering and laughter could be heard throughout the auditorium, the student said “Thank you Mr. Herren for validating what we do. We are the sober students of this high school and each year we take a pledge to not use drugs or alcohol.” Chris was captured by the courage it took to not only stand up and share the symbolism of the purple shirts, but was inspired to make a difference amongst adolescents across the United States.

Student members of D.A.Y are asking residents of Guilford to tie purple ribbons on your trees, mailboxes and cars to remind us of this event on March 23rd.  All donations will go toward helping this organization reduce drug and alcohol use among our youth.

Upcoming meetings    Check the club website and click on "Calendar" to see planned speakers.