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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Mar 23, 2011
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This Issue's Editor

Pat Todd


Call to Meeting & Invocation

Pledge led by President Wayne Staschke

Invocation by John Murphy


Visiting Rotarians






Birthdays & Anniversaries

Birthdays: Ed Walker and Jonathan Bishop were feted in song led by Steve Dudley.

Anniversaries:  Peter Butler 2010 and Donna Segnere 2010



  • Guilford Fund for Education Spelling Bee April 1.  We need contestants
  • District Assembly Meeting is April 16 (Good for new members)  Al Jacobs will be there with several Interact Club members.  Wayne, Jonathan, Terry Bryant, and Donna Segnere are going.
  • Installation of new officers will be held on June 29 at Bishops.  Uncle Willie's is catering. The incoming District Governor, Rupie Rubwani, will be there also.
  • March 29 Community Dining Room.  Cooks start at 8:30.  Jane needs servers from 11:50 until 1:30.  Riefe and John Trowbridge volunteeres
  • Mike Sincliar announced that Guilford Savings Bank donated $500 to the Memorial Ed Fund
  • Nancy Bishop called for volunteers to distribute dictionaries to Guilford 3rd graders.  Mike,Donald, Margaret, Pat, Mary Ann, and Ralph S volunteered.  If there were others. let me know..
  • John Murphy read a story written by his wife (clever names for drugs).
  • Bill Stableford described a semi successful Saturday in New Haven for Habitat as they were only able to work for two hours as the electrician hadn't arrived.  Another time.

 There was no King of Clubs drawing


Happy Dollars

  •  Donald glad to see Linda back from England
  • Linda happy to be back.. Had good visit with her sister.
  • Ralph S happy to see Maryann back.
  • Maryann happy to be back from a wonderful family vacation in Argentina
  • Ed Walker happy with the birthday song, the Habitat experience, and off to FL
  • Ed Walker also happy that his son Daniel was accepted in the PhD program at Tulane
  • Jonathan happy to give $100 to the Foundation
  • Al Jacobs took advantage of happy dollars to encourage all of the men to get a screening for prostate cancer.  He will be out for the next two weeks, happy that his dianosis was so early that it is stage 1.  As a result, he is looking to be 99% cancer free for 20 years.
  • Rief happy that Al's diagnosis was so early.  Not happy at Al's absence.
  • Steve D happy that GSB is the 1st sponsor to sign on to the 2012 Frosty 5K
  • Bill S best wishes to Al
  • Murphy told a joke
  • Dave - to All All the Best, and 16th birthday of his daughter. Had no children when he joined.
  • Sandy advertiasing a talk at the library about the budget on April 5. for the April 12 vote.
  • Sue Renner announced the public hearing to be held at the high school next Monday.  Make your opinion known.  Tour at 6.  Meeting at 7.
  • Wayne happy that Spring is here, and looking forward to Al's recovery.



Lynn Haney, (wife of John Trowbridge), author.  Lynn conducts writing workshops, encouraging journal writing, writing of memoires.  Lynn gave us at least 15 good reasons to either keep a journal or write our memoires.  ...commercial value...value to family....value to town history at library......rough patches such as cancer......and gave us a good quote from Napoleon "Fame may be fleeting but obscurity is forever".  She pointed out pitfalls such as revenge writing, interviewing family members, family secrets.  Think like a reporter, she advised.  Who? What? Why? Where? and When?


Upcoming Speakers