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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Sep 24, 2014
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Wednesday, September 24,  2014



The Rotary Club of Guilford, CT  


                          The Guilford Rotarian                    


John Sengstacken


Board of Directors


William Stableford

   Michael Mikolay (13-15)


Helen Rizzo

   Louis Federici (13-15)

Exec. Secretary

Gary Drake

   Robert Hartmann, Jr. (13-15)


Susan Koch

   Ralph Schoemann (14-16)


John Trowbridge

   Robert White (14-16)


Jonathan Christoff

   J. Riefe Tietjen (14-16)

IP President

Terri Bryant




This Issue's Editor
   Jack Phelan


Call to Meeting & Thought for the Day
   President John Sengstacken led the pledge.  John told us that Barbara Streisand once said           “Why do women spend 10 years trying to change their man and then complain he’s not the same person she married?”

   Stax reminded us that today was the last day of the ALS Bucket Challenge with John Murphy’s acceptance of the challenge by Maryann Bracken.


Visiting Rotarians: Marita Webb, New Brunswick, Canada; Robert Friend, Area 8 District Representative and Mukund Nori, District Governor


Guests: Mariam Murphy


Anniversaries: None


Birthdays: None



  • Riefe Tietjen: Thanked all those who showed up for the Guilford Fair parade last Saturday including Pat Todd; Suzanne Locke; Evelyn Atreya; Elmar Kessler, Tim Malton and Gary Drake.
  • Riefe also requested folks take home signs for the Rose Sale and take tickets to sell. We want to sell 350 to 400 the first week.  Don McGregor said he will be sending out emails with respect to ticket sales soon.
  • Janie Patrick: Reminded us that next Tuesday is dining room day in Branford asking those who have signed up to help to let her know if you cannot make it.  We have a full complement of cooks and servers – the usual suspects - showing up.
  • Pat Todd: Announced she has tickets for sale for the North Branford Rotary Halloween dinner dance with an open bar; October 31st; 7:00 pm, $100 a couple and a big band will provide the music. 
  • Stax: Informed us that we received a thank you note from the Food Bank for receipt of $664 from our King of Clubs fund raising effort.
  • Stax: Stated he sent us an email this week about the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic that is occurring in Africa.  It is estimated that by this January over 1 million people will contract this deadly disease that is fatal 70% of the time.  John urged us to think of ways International Rotary can take this project on as one of our charities. 




Editor’s Note: I went on- line to see if Rotary International has done anything to respond to this potentially catastrophic event and, unfortunately I found that they have not. 

I could find only one Rotary club from Monrovia, Liberia that is accepting donations and funneling them to appropriate local agencies.  The website below lists how we can transfer money through Citibank, NY to the Rotary Club.  Also how to ship physical goods to them.  I copied the following from their website:

Support for Liberia’s Ebola Response


Who: The Rotary Club of Monrovia (RCM) has initiated efforts to provide support to the Government of Liberia as it faces an unprecedented Ebola outbreak. The situation has over-stretched a very resource strapped government.


What: RCM is soliciting your support to assist the efforts of the Government and aid agencies on the frontlines of the Ebola Response. We are currently seeking donations in cash or kind.  Cash donations are urgently needed to ensure health-care workers and burial teams receive the required hazard pay and allowances to allow them to continue working. In-kind donations needed include items such as disinfectant soap, gas coupons for response vehicles, medicines being used for admitted patients, mattresses, spraying knapsacks, knee-high rubber boots and buckets with spouts among others.


How: Donations can be coordinated through the Rotary Club of Monrovia. We will deposit cash donations into the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare’s dedicated Ebola Response bank account. This will be accompanied by an agreement for use of the funds. RCM will also purchase items available locally to be handed over.


Transfers to:

Citibank NY 10043: Swift: CITIUS33

Account title: Liberia Bank for Development & Investment

USD Account number: 36910591

For further credit to: Beneficiary: Rotary Club of Monrovia

Account: 00221223402601


In Kind Materials:

Liberians Against Ebola  

ATTN: Yoquai Lavala

NaYa Resource Group

2337 Highway 78, Suite C

Loganville, GA 30052


Please do let us hear from you by email to any of the below, and THANK YOU:

Monique Cooper-Liverpool: missmcooper@gmail.com

Phillip Parker: pcparker4@yahoo.com

Yoquai Lavala: yoqvernon@gmail.com

David Frankfort: david.liberia@outlook.com


The Rotary Club of Monrovia is a member of Rotary International, an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world.


(If you are interested in helping out on this project please contact Stax or myself [jphelan3959@gmail.com] and we will see if we can form a group to pursue efforts to get Rotary Clubs involved in providing help.)


Foundation Minute: Craig Yerkes spoke to us about some changes in the process of applying for grant funds from the Rotary Foundation.  Craig cited a recent article by John Kenny, Foundation Trustee Chairman, concerning new effort to streamline processing of more than 4,000 yearly grant requests.  The Trustees have reduced the 12 different programs, each with their own application procedures, down to two types of grants: district grants and global grants.  The Trustees hope the change will allow them to award fewer grants but with larger amounts by reducing operational cost. (See the October Rotarian for more details.)


Craig also mentioned that he attended a District seminar in New Haven recently where it was announced that there will be a new process put in place to fund projects. Essentially, the new process will be a first-come/first-served process. The District wants to encourage clubs to apply for funding because they had funds left over for lack of sufficient numbers of qualified applications.  The District has approximately $200,000 available for distribution this year.  Craig said more information will be forthcoming on these changes and how the process will work. 


King of Clubs:  40 cards left.  Pot was $274.

Sorry, no winners.


Happy $

  • John Murphy: Happy to have his wife, Mariam and friend, Bruce, here today + $100 for the Foundation on his birthday and $50 ALS.
  • Bill Pinchbeck: Reunion of GHS class of 1950; 13th wedding anniversary and going back to Vermont for winter.
  • Marian Murphy:  48th anniversary.
  • Tony Piscitelli: $100 to the Foundation – birthday.
  • Jonathon Christoff: Going to Jeter’s last game tomorrow night.
  • Dustin Galvin: Arrival of his first child
  • Guy Tommasi: Fun golf outing last week.
  • Joel Galvin: Happy Jewish New Year!
  • Bill Stableford:  Happy Golf outing.
  • Gene Bishop: $100 for ALS
  • Al Jacobs: For Youth Advisory Group help on Guilford Fair Day fundraising and for the tour of Mike Mikolay’s new offices.
  • District Governor Nori: Happy to be here.
  • Suzanne Locke: $20 for ALS
  • Riefe Tietjen: Yankees and Giants finally won a game recently and wishing Mariam and John a happy 46th/48th anniversary.
  • Sandra Ruoff :  Come to the Guilford Library 33rd book sale this weekend.
  • Theresa Bryant- Trip to Maine to visit daughter; watch the Pats and eat “sters”.
  • Craig Yerkes: Golf outing, Penn St win and for a wonderful growing season.
  • David Vail: 1957 Branford High School reunion.
  • Bill Stableford:  Happy Birthday to Tony Piscitelli and for the $100 to the Foundation.
  • Marita Webb: Thanks for the visit her daughter in Guilford.

 SPEAKER:  District Governor Nori - Gov. Nori spoke to us about the role of the District in helping clubs do their work of giving back to their communities. Gov. Nori believes that giving and the work we do should be fun and rewarding.  That Rotarians all have special skills and know the needs of our communities and know best how to help their communities. The role of the District is to help us and get out of the way.  Gov. Nori also asked us all to invest in the Foundation by become sustaining members and that doing this only costs $2 a day.     


ALS BUCKET CHALLENGE:  John Murphy graciously accepted the bucket challenge following the meeting.  


Upcoming meetings   

Check the club website and click on "Meeting Information" and then "Upcoming Programs" to see planned speakers.