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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Aug 20, 2014
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This Issue's Editor
Maryann Bracken


Call to Meeting & Thought for the Day
Bill Stableford, filling in for Prez Stax, led the pledge.  Bruce Chips said words of thanks.

Bill read a quote about happiness people give when then come and some when they leave


Visiting Rotarians

Maggie Kozinski from South Carolina



Speakers Mike and Jay






Sandy Ruoff and Evelyn Atreya were serenaded


Rotarian of the Month

Don McGregor


Announcements from the Board

It was voted to hire Shannon Gale to manage the club website, which will be reviewed in six months.  Also to use the $1900 balance left from the IRIS purchases to be used for rent support for the Eritrean family. The Haitian Health Foundation sends thanks for support.  Thank you Scott Stashke for volunteering to step in as Foundation Chair after working with Craig Yerkes for a year.

Other Announcements

Helen Rizzo announced that Linda Volpe will be undergoing sugery tomorrow.

Maryann Bracken:  bulletin editors needed to take notes and submit them via email to club members and friends.  See Maryann or Evelyn Atreya for information.  They will be glad to assist you.

Riefe announced that the Rose Sale is coming up soon


King of Clubs

With 7 cards in the deck and $1300 in the pot, George Kral was very happy to pick the winning card as Dave Hadley and Bill Fatula sadly looked on.


Happy Dollars

  • Don McGregor:  daugher's wedding
  • Tony Piscatelli:  happy to be back with the club after Saratoga
  • Al Jacobs:  yachting, visit to new high school
  • Bruce Chips:  family visiting
  • Evely Atreya:  Leslie Ann Powers recuperating well, and $100 for R.I.
  • Don Baechler:  a $100 nonbirthday  check for R.I.
  • Terri Bryant:  survived many near-accidents
  • Lou Federici:   son  to D.C.
  • Maryann Bracken:  Maine waters
  • Rick Maynard:  son & his wife visiting, also Polish speaking visitors
  • Bruce Chips:  Terri's humor
  • Jon Bishop:  thanks for the peach promo
  • Bill Stableford:  disappointed in Covenant Stone


Mike Dwyer and Jay McMinn, owner of XBrazillian Xreme Martial Arts, spoke about Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and demonstrated various moves.  For more information check http://tinyurl.com/XMA-JiuJitsu101


Upcoming meetings     

Check the club website and click on "Meeting Information" and then "Upcoming Programs" to see planned speakers.