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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Mar 19, 2014
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This Issue's Editor
Frank Walsh


Call to Meeting & Thought for the Day
President Terri Bryant read quotes from Ann Bradstreet - "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."

and Robin Williams - "Spring is nature's way of saying, let's party."


Visiting Rotarians



Terry Maynard with husband Rick

Ellie Hartman with husband Bob

Rich Morrow with John Stax

Karen Stevens with Sandy Ruoff

Don McGregor with Terri Bryant

Rob Curry with Lou Federici



Tom Terrible on 3/18



John Phalen, Elmar Kessler, Helen Rizzo and Mike Sinclair


Rotarian of the Month of February

Maryann Bracken for all her work on the IRIS project, the Newsletter and so much more.



A letter of thank you from the Community Dining Room for our $1500 donation with which they were able to purchase a dishwasher. They provide 1000 meals per week.

Adult Spelling Bee is April 25. Do we have a team?

Our speaker next week will talk about flyfishing and the great outdoors.

April 9th is our anniversary party at the Community Center. Contact Terri to offer help.

Memorial Scholarship meeting tomorow at 8am.


King of Clubs

Bill was working with a full deck. No winner.


Happy Dollars

  • Lou Federici - in San Diego last week
  • Gary Higgins - going to San Diego
  • Tim Geelan - GSB opening its newest office in downtown Madison
  • Cindy Cartier - to Florida next week
  • Sandi Ruoff - Karen Stevens as guest
  • Riefe Tietjen - must see "30 for 30" video about Big East basketball
  • Al Jacobs - $100 for Tom Terribile's birthday
  • Joel Galvin - apologies to the speaker (just kidding)
  • Dustin Galvin - nephew accepted into a Rhode Island for music.
  • Mary Ann Bracken - visited son and visited Cuba (like living in the 1950's)
  • Suzanne Locke - filming of the Lobster Fest promo
  • Barry Farbrother - end of snow and a thank you to Don Baechler.
  • John Stax - promo video - sponsors Pages and Sachem Wine Shop (drop in and thank them) - gave out Lobster Fest posters
  • Evelyn Atreya - May 10 - Leetes Island Garden Club plant sale - thanked Ed Walker for sand
  • Rick Maynard - happy to have wife Terri
  • Mary Burke - was a Rotary member - back in the area - a sales and marketing exec at Essex Meadows.
  • Tom Petrick - Okemo skiing and  for son Jack, a GHS hockey player, in newspaper
  • Paul Heeren - skiing at Snow and snowmobiling


Rotarians John Murphy and Al Jacobs treated fellow Rotarians and guests to many Irish jokes.

How can you tell an Irish pirate - he has a patch over each eye. What bird doesn't live in a nest ?

a cuckoo - it lives in a clock. Three men are facing a guillotine - all elect to lie face up. The first two are released because the guillotine jams. The third is an Irishman who experiences the same thing - the guillotine jams. He tells his executioners that he knows what the problem is. And then there was the Irishman who was stopped by the police and asked for his drivers license and he quickly responded that they took his license the day before. There were many others - Great job!!!! 


Upcoming meetings     

Check the club website and click on "Meeting Information" and then "Upcoming Programs" to see planned speakers.