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The Guilford Rotarian - Archive Oct 30, 2013
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This Issue's Editor

Evelyn Atreya


Call to Meeting & Thought for the Day

President Terri Bryant read "Light another's candle without putting out your own ."


Foundation Minute

Bill Stableford asked everyone to save Friday, Nov 8 for the GHS Interact Club Pasta Night

5:30-9 at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Interact students will be selling tickets for $10 during the meeting today.


Induction Ceremony: George Kral inducted Harrison West who was sponsored by Gene Bishop.


Visiting Rotarians




Interact students: Maya Morduch-Toubman, Summer Stebbins, and Bridget Hackett with Al Jacobs

Betsy Frederick with Maryann Bracken

Harrison West (He'll become a member today)

Leslie Krumholz from Good Streets (speaker)


Birthdays & Anniversaries

John Trowbridge had a birthday

George Kral, John Stax, and Dave Summerlin had anniversaries.



Maryann Bracken - She is collecting warm winter clothing in good conditon on hangers for IRIS

Riefe  Tietjen- Successful Rose Sale! Please turn in Rose Sale money if you still have it.

John Trowbridge - Senior Luncheon for about 200 on Dec 11. All hands on so no meeting that

    week. Sign-up for stocking stuffing will be passed around soon.

Tony Fappiano - slate of new officers is being put together. 3 board postions to be filled for

    two-year term. Election Nov 20; in place Dec 1

Bill Stableford -Read a thank you from Columbus House for the $4000 Guilford Rotary donated

  for the new respite wing.

Mike Sinclair - Frosty 5K  (Dec 31) is getting publicity ready. If you want to be a sponsor see Mike

   or Steve Dudley

Larry Appleton - Warm the Children still needs some volunteers. President Terri read a thank you   

  from a family


King of Clubs

46 cards, $176, no winners- Tony Leonard, Gene Bishop, Janie Patrick


Happy Dollars

  • Nancy Bishop - Welcomes Harrison West
  • Riefe Tietjen - Welcomes Pat Todd back, new member Harrison West. Apologies to speaker
  • Tony Leonard - Welcomes Besty Frederick and Harrison West
  • Sandy Ruoff - Happy that Rotary has now secured east side of Green: Library, Town Hall, Christ Episcopal Church, and Guilford Savings Bank
  • Tom Petrick - Welcome speaker Leslie Krumholz
  • Tony Fappiano - Congratulates President Terri on sharp increase in club membership
  • Bob Hartmann jr.  - Welcomes Pat Todd back
  • Janie Patrick - Welcomes Harrison West; Thanks cooks and servers at Community Dining Room last Tuesday
  • Andy Stephens - Daughter has joined GHS Interact; Big soccer game at East Haven HS tonight
  • John Stax - Welcomes Sandy back after car accident; Leaving for Vegas to see son
  • Lou Federici - Welcomes Harrison West; Regrets to speaker
  • Donald Baechler -  Welcomes back Pat; Welcomes Harrison; Welcomes Betsy Federick; Looking foward to Pasta Night; Thank you to Joe Mazza for getting entire ballot in website
  • John Murphy - Welcomes Harrison; Glad Sandy is okay
  • Leslie Ann Powers - Welcomes back, Pat; Welcomes Harrison; Red Sox!
  • President Terri - Thanks to Stax for filling in for her last week
  • Mike Mikolay - Back from Vegas; Welcomes Pat back
  • Pat Todd - Happy to be back after a fabulous trip around the world
  • Summer Stebbins - Thanks to all who purchased Pasta Night tickets
  • Al Jacobs - Welcomes back, Pat; Welcomes Interact students and new member Harrison West
  • Gene Bishop - Welcomes to Harrison, Welcomes back Pat; Glad Sandy is okay; Happy in advance of Red Sox victory
  • Craig Yerkes - Giants victory; Andy Stephens' daughter and  Craig's grand daughter  on All-Star Soccer team
  • Harrison West - Thank you for the warm welcome
  • Joe Mazza - Hope to give more next week - Vote!
  • Joel Galvin - Welcomes Harrison West in Hebrew
  • President Terri - North Guilford Rotary is having Wine Tasting event, Nov 8


Leslie Krumholz spoke about Good Streets. a social enterprise that builds ecomonic development by connecting local consumers and local businesses. Go to website www.good-streets.com or

contact Leslie by email: lkrumholz@good-streets.com or call 203-215-3317.

They are currently looking for 100 Guilford businesses to join this web-based initiative (free of charge) that will be launched to consumers after the holidays.



Upcoming meetings     

Check the club website and click on "Meeting Information" and then "Upcoming Programs" to see planned speakers.